A Pinecone organization is a set of projects that use the same billing. Organizations allow one or more users to control billing and project permissions for all of the projects belonging to the organization. Each project belongs to an organization.

For a guide to adding users to an organization, see Add users to a project or organization.

Projects in an organization

Each organization contains one or more projects that share the same organization owners and billing settings. Each project belongs to exactly one organization. If you need to move a project from one organization to another, contact Pinecone support.

Billing settings

All of the projects in an organization share the same billing method and settings. The billing settings for the organization are controlled by the organization owners.

Organization roles

There are two organization roles: organization owner and organization user.

Organization owners

Organization owners manage organization billing, users, and projects. Organization owners are also project owners for every project belonging to the organization. This means that organization owners have all permissions to manage project members, API keys, and quotas for these projects.

Organization users

Unlike organization owners, organization users cannot edit billing settings or invite new users to the organization. Organization users can create new projects, and project owners can add organization members to a project. New users have whatever role the organization owners and project owners grant them. Project owners can add users to a project if those users belong to the same organization as the project.

Table 1: Organization roles and permissions

Organization rolePermissions in organization
Organization ownerProject owner for all projects
Create projects
Manage billing
Manags organization members
Organization memberCreate projects
Join projects when invited
Read access to billing

Organization single sign-on (SSO)

SSO allows organizations to manage their teams’ access to Pinecone through their identity management solution. Once your integration is configured, you can require that users from your domain sign in through SSO, and you can specify a default role for teammates when they sign up. Only organizations in the enterprise tier can set up SSO. To set up your SSO integration, contact Pinecone support at support@pinecone.io.

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