This document describes the different subscription statuses for your Pinecone organization.

Subscription statuses for accounts with past due payments

Users on the Standard and Enterprise plans pay regular payments based on usage. When a payment is past due, Pinecone may restrict your account.

Past due accounts have one of the following subscription statuses:

  • Restricted. This organization is now on the Starter Plan and can no longer create new resources.
  • Suspended. The API keys for this organization are no longer valid; calls to the Pinecone API fail.
  • Deactivated. Pinecone archives this organization’s indexes.

Reinstating a deactivated organization

If your organization is deactivated, follow these steps to reinstate your subscription and reactivate your indexes:

  1. Pay all past due invoices.
  2. (For organizations with cloud marketplace billing) Reenable cloud marketplace billing for AWS or GCP.
  3. In the Pinecone console, change your billing plan back to the desired plan.
  4. Click API Keys. This view displays your new API keys.
  5. Update all queries to use these new keys.
  6. Recreate your indexes from the collections that contain the backup of your old indexes.

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