Harness value from the latest AI innovations by delievering efficient, reliable, and customizable AI systems for your apps. Run your models or checkpoints on OctoAI’s cost-effective API endpoints, or run OctoAI’s optimized GenAI stack in your environment.

Choose from the best models that OctoAI has to offer, including GTE Large embedding model, the best foundational open source LLMs such as Mixtral-8x7B from Mistral AI, Llama2 from Meta, and highly capable model fine tunes like Nous Hermes 2 Pro Mistral from Nous Research.

As a fully open source solution, Pinecone Canopy and OctoAI is one of the fastest ways and more affordable ways to get started on your RAG journey. Canopy uses Pinecone vector database for storage and retrieval, which is free to use for up to 100k vectors (that’s about 30k pages of text).