Setting up billing through Azure Marketplace

This document describes how to configure pay-as-you-go billing for your Pinecone organization through Azure Marketplace. To commit to annual spending, contact Pinecone.



This workflow creates a new Pinecone organization. If you already have an organization, signing up through Azure Marketplace creates an additional organization.

  1. Log in to the Azure Marketplace.
  2. Search for 'Pinecone'.
  3. In the Pinecone result card, click Get it now.
  4. Select the Pinecone - Pay As You Go plan.
  5. Click Subscribe.
  6. Select the Subscription and Resource group you would like your Pinecone Azure Marketplace Subscription to use.
  7. Confirm that recurring billing is enabled.
  8. Continue to the Review and Subscribe section to review your information.
  9. Click Subscribe.
  10. After the subscription is approved, click Configure Account. This redirects you to a Pinecone login page.
  11. Log in to Pinecone.

When you sign in, Pinecone creates a new organization linked to your Azure Marketplace billing.

If you already have a Pinecone organization, you can select the new "Azure Linked" organization in the organization drop-down menu in the console.