There are several best practices for working with Pinecone Support that can lead to faster resolutions and more relevant recommendations. Please note that Pinecone Support is reserved for our Standard- and Enterprise-tier customers.

Utilize Pinecone AI Support

Our support chatbot is knowledgeable of our documentation, troubleshooting articles, website and more. Many of your questions can be answered immediately using this resource. We also review all interactions with the support chatbot and constantly make improvements.

Use the email associated with your Pinecone account in the Standard or Enterprise tier

We map your account information to the tier of your organization to assign appropriate SLAs. If you open tickets using an email not associated with your relevant Pinecone account, we will close your request and redirect you to our community forums.

Create tickets using the support portal

Instead of creating tickets via email, use the support portal to create tickets. The form allows you to provide helpful information such as severity and category. Furthermore, the conversation format will be much more digestible in the portal, especially when involving code snippets and other attachments.

Select an appropriate severity

Pinecone Support reserves the right to change the ticket severity after our initial response and assessment of the case. Note that a Sev-1 ticket indicates that your production environment is completely unavailable, and a Sev-2 ticket indicates that your production environment has degraded performance. If your issue does not involve a production-level usage or application, please refrain from opening Sev-1 or Sev-2 tickets.

Provide the exact names of impacted indexes and projects

When opening a ticket that involves specific resources in your organization, please specify the name of the impacted index(es) and project(s).

Provide as detailed a description as possible

Please include code snippets, version specifications, and the full stack trace of error messages you encounter. Whenever possible, please include screenshots or screen recordings. The more information you provide, the more likely we can effectively assist you in our first response, and you can return to building with Pinecone.