This document explains the concepts related to Pinecone projects.

Projects contain indexes and users

Each Pinecone project contains a number of indexes and users. Only a user who belongs to the project can access the indexes in that project. Each project also has at least one project owner. All of the pods in a single project are located in a single environment.

Project settings

When you create a new project, you can choose the name, deployment environment, and pod limit.

Project environment

GCP US-East is the default environment on default projects, and the only available environment for new users on the Starter (free) plan.

Users on the Standard and Enterprise plans can choose from GCP US-West, GCP US-East, GCP EU-West, or AWS US-East.

These regions correspond to the following values of the environment parameter for the init() operation:

Cloud regionenvironment value
GCP US-West-1 (N. California)us-west1-gcp
GCP US-East-1 (South Carolina)us-east1-gcp
GCP EU-West-1 (Ireland)eu-west1-gcp
AWS US-East-1 (Virginia)us-east1-aws

Contact us if you need a dedicated deployment in other regions.

The environment cannot be changed after the project is created.

Project pod limit

You can set the maximum number of pods that can be used in total across all indexes in a project. Use this to control costs.

The pod limit can be changed only by the project owner.

Project roles

There are two project roles: Project owner and project member. Table 1 below summarizes the permissions for each role.

Table 1: Project roles and permissions

Project rolePermissions in organization
Project ownerManage project members
Manage project API keys
Manage pod limits
Project memberAccess API keys
Create indexes in project
Use indexes in project