A Pinecone project belongs to an organization and contains a number of indexes and users. Only a user who belongs to the project can access the indexes in that project. Each project also has at least one project owner.

Project environments

On the new Pinecone API, you no longer choose a single cloud environment for a project. Instead, you choose a cloud environment for each index in a project. This makes it easy to manage related resources across environments and use the same API key to access them.

Project roles

When you invite a member to a project, you assign a project role that determines their permissions within the Pinecone console. For more details, see Manage project members.

API keys

Each Pinecone project has one or more API keys. In order to make calls to the Pinecone API, a user must provide a valid API key for the relevant Pinecone project.

To view the API keys for your project:

  1. Open the Pinecone console.
  2. Select your project.
  3. Go to API Keys.

Project pod limit

To control costs, project owners can set the maximum total number of pods allowed across all pod-based indexes in a project.

Pod limits do not apply to serverless indexes. Serverless indexes auto-scale based on usage.

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