When creating an index, you must choose the cloud and region where you want the index to be hosted.

Regions available for serverless indexes

The following cloud regions are available for serverless indexes:

AWSus-west-2 (Oregon)spec=ServerlessSpec(cloud="aws", region="us-west-2")
AWSus-east-1 (Virginia)spec=ServerlessSpec(cloud="aws", region="us-east-1")
AWSeu-west-1 (Ireland)spec=ServerlessSpec(cloud="aws", region="eu-west-1")

The cloud and region cannot be changed after a serverless index is created.

Regions available for pod-based indexes

The following cloud regions are available for pod-based indexes:

GCPus-west-1 (N. California)us-west1-gcp
GCPus-central-1 (Iowa)us-central1-gcp
GCPus-west-4 (Las Vegas)us-west4-gcp
GCPus-east-4 (Virginia)us-east4-gcp
GCPasia-northeast-1 (Japan)asia-northeast1-gcp
GCPasia-southeast-1 (Singapore)asia-southeast1-gcp
GCPus-east-1 (South Carolina)us-east1-gcp
GCPeu-west-1 (Belgium)eu-west1-gcp
GCPeu-west-4 (Netherlands)eu-west4-gcp
AWSus-east-1 (Virginia)us-east-1-aws
Azureeastus (Virginia)eastus-azure

Contact us if you need a dedicated deployment in other regions.

The environment cannot be changed after the index is created.